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Yakooza’s Hard Trance classic ‘Cocaine’ gets the 2018 treatment

Another big classic reworked!

Grotesque Reworked drops three mind-blowing renditions of Hard Trance classic ‘Cocaine’ by Yakooza.

Treating the much-loved original with their distinctive styles, Trance hero Liam Wilson, Hard Trance master DJ Wag and the legendary DJ Sakin relight the fire of ‘Cocaine’ and fuel it with surreal amounts of energy, drive, and power.

Liam Wilson’s banging rendition is epic from start to finish and excites Trance fans beyond belief with its pounding bass and exquisite arrangement. DJ Sakin’s remix is how we’d love for all the old classics to return, as an absolute stormer of a record! With its Psy-Trance style beats and bass, DJ Wag provides a highly energetic version, bringing the original to brand new audiences around the globe.

Listen to the teasers of the three remixes below. Out March 26 on Grotesque Reworked.

Yakooza vs DJ Sakin – Cocaine (Liam Wilson Remix)

Yakooza vs DJ Sakin – Cocaine (DJ Sakin Rework)

Yakooza vs DJ Sakin – Cocaine (DJ Wag Rework)

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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