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10 new euphoric Trance tunes you must hear before the year ends

Another week, another 10 new Trance tunes.

Here are 10 new Trance tunes that will make you feel more alive than ever before.

If you’re a Trance fan, you ought to know these smashing new tunes from Darren Porter, Alessandra RonconeKaimo KSam MitchamDan Dobson, Davey Asprey, Driftmoon and Julie Elven.

This week also features new music from Iversoon & Alex DafCasey Rasch, Alan Morris, Andres SanchezAndre Visior, DJ T.H., F.G. Noise and Patrick Dreama.

Hit play below and enter a brand new world of pounding beats, pure melodies and euphoria.

Darren Porter & Alessandra Roncone – Transcendence

With its impeccable melodies, huge drive, and stunning atmospheres, Darren Porter and Alessandra Roncone’s new single ‘Transcendence’ is what’s to have the global Trance crowd reeling for more. Get it here. (FSOE)

Kaimo K – Uncharted

Kaimo K has blasted the energetic, melody-driven ‘Uncharted’ onto the Amsterdam Trance Records label together to show the world that he’s up there with the best, keeping the Trance sound alive and kicking. Out soon on Amsterdam Trance Records.

Sam Mitcham – Republic

Trance hero Sam Mitcham hits up the Pure Trance imprint to deliver one of his most breathtaking tracks to date. This new record emanates the beloved Trance feel like nothing else. Expect this one to turn heads the world over. Get it here. (Pure Trance)

Dan Dobson & Davey Asprey – Fantome

From the powerful buildup and immaculate and blissful breakdown to the unforgettable melody, Dan Dobson and Davey Asprey’s first-ever collab will capture the hearts of thousands of Trance music lovers. Get it here. (A State Of Trance)

Driftmoon feat. Julie Elven – Midnight Sun

Driftmoon is known the world over as one of the most consistent producers of today and will release his new grand collab with Julie Elven on January 12. (Black Hole Recordings)

Iversoon & Alex Daf – Nagoya

Ukrainian DJ duo Iversoon & Alex Daf are back with another mesmerising trancer, packed with a dreamy atmosphere, blissful vocals, and a mind-blowing melody. Get it here. (High Contrast Recordings)

Casey Rasch & Andres Sanchez – Backlash

If killer basslines, breathtaking melodies and uplifting energy gets you going, this one will go straight into your collection of all-time favourites. Out January 25. (In Trance We Trust)

Alan Morris – Stigmata

Alan Morris fires over another monumental record, his new single ‘Stigmata’ has the kind of energy spike needed to keep you going throughout the night. Get it here. (Outburst Twilight)

Andre Visior & DJ T.H. – Firewalk

With a stunning breakdown and melody to die for, this record is without doubt one of the most stellar productions of right now. Out January 12. (Always Alive Recordings)

F.G. Noise & Patrick Dreama – Kepler

With surreal amounts of pure Trance energy, ‘Kepler’ builds tension to the max and unleashes it all in a whirlwind of driving beats and powerful basslines. Get it here. (Amsterdam Trance)

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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