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20 MaRLo fans reveal what they love most about his sound

We recently asked fans to submit why they love MaRLo’s incredible sound and we’ve compiled some of the responses from across Australia.

MaRLo will soon embark on a new journey, headlining Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion, Melbourne’s Festival Hall, Perth’s Villa Nightclub and Adelaide’s HQ Complex this August with his brand new tour ‘Altitude’.

The Aussie trance hero will play extended sets and will work through his entire career, including sounds from his early days right through to the harder and faster ‘tech energy’ sound.

Armada’s very own Ruben de Ronde will hit the road with MaRLo as a supporting act and they’ll be joined by vocalists and a very special live performer.

Grab tix here.

Here’s what 20 MaRLo fans had to say.

“I love the fact that MaRLo is willing to experiment and try new things. He does not limit his creativity and I think that is very refreshing.”

Mo Hamdan, NSW

“MaRLo’s sound is powerful bringing something fresh to the electronic music world. He’s an ever evolving artist, elating the crowds to a state of euphoria.”

Chrystal Dorrel, NSW

“It’s a unique sound that transcends genres. It’s instantly recognisable and full of energy. Always dance-inducing, even if that’s just chair raving at work.”

Matt Bland, SA

“Its just something that you can emotionally connect with. I instantaneously get goosebumps and become addicted to it. Love is an understatement its more than love.”

Katie Laliotis, VIC

“MaRLo’s sound is very high energy, it’s the perfect music to be dancing to in any environment whether it’d be festival, club or home!”

Jordan Tran, WA

“His tech energy brings the tempo and beats that are needed for a good night out.”

Matt Winter, NSW

“MaRLo has a unmatched sound that is truely unique. It is equal parts dark, hard, yet at times uplifting. This is my ideal sound combination.”

Benjamin Muscara, VIC

“MaRLo’s banging high energy tech trance and hauntingly beautiful uplifting vocal trance have been the soundtrack to falling in love with my partner. Happy memories!”

Cathy Oddie, VIC

“It just has so much energy and his sets always blend very well, you are bound to feel different emotions through his sound.”

Dennis Lee, QLD

“MaRLo’s sound fills me with energy and hype to just get on the dancefloor and lose control of my body and my emotions.”

Will Unicomb, NSW

“MaRLo takes us  to another place! When you hear his music you feel you’re there with him and you feel the passion in his music!”

Carly Dober, VIC

“Enthralled by entrancing melodies, heart-warming synth plucks and beautiful breakdowns before I dance to a fiery dragon of bass, raw techno power and banging percussion’s.”

Tony Song, NSW

“The energy is amazing, so many feels at the same when MaRLo drops his classics. Always a pleasure hearing the Marlo sound”

Corry Lor, NSW

“He steps outside boundaries and continuously surprises. From his melodic emotionally charged trance to his latest harder faster beats. Always left wanting more. Love him!”

Leah Henson, SA

“MaRLo’s sound gives me goosebumps. I can’t explain the overwhelming feeling of comfort, inspiration and passion as the beat resonates within me.”

Georgia Henne, QLD

“MaRLo’s unique tech trance sound incorporates moments of uplifting and vocal melodies that take the crowd on a journey through all emotions. A musical genius.”

Renee Bradbury, NSW

“MaRLo’s sound is one where it allows me to escape the realities of the world and just truly appreciate the true meaning of trance music.”

Amit Mahabaleshwarkar, NSW

“It brings you on a rollercoaster of emotions, bringing you up slowly with his  tunes and dropping hard sounds. We never know what to expect.”

Trevor Lu, NSW

“Saw him in Brisbane 4 years ago For the first time and been hooked ever since. His music makes you love life and love trance”

Natalie Italiano, NSW

“MaRLo’s sound is unique, he is capable of bringing an uplifting vibe and an energetic dark vibe that makes you want to dance.”

Nathaniel Rogers, WA

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.