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Adam Ellis on Australia’s Trance scene: “The fans really are some of the best in the world”

Adam Ellis touches down in Sydney on March 4 with Daniel Kandi, for an intimate club show destined to exceed expectations.

From ‘Napalm Poet’ and ‘Agent Orange’ to ‘Blu-82’ and back, Adam Ellis is known the world over as one of the most consistent producers of today and continues to spoil the world with his massive sets and brilliant productions.

The Trance Project caught up with Adam Ellis to talk all things Trance, new music and he reveals what fans can expect from his Sydney show.

Grab your tickets here and read the full interview below.

We’re thrilled to see you in Australia this March! How excited are you for the Sydney show and what do you love most about our Trance scene?

Hi guys. I am really excited to be back. I have always loved Sydney and Australia in general. The fans really are some of the best in the world and they get into it, which for me, is super important. The Australian Trance scene is thriving and I’m proud to be touring now for my 3rd year in a row. 

What kind of experience will you be creating for fans when they catch you play in Sydney this March? Will you be testing out new material?

Well I have requested to play early so that I can warm the crowd up a  bit and show my diversity. I am excited to play some House, Techno, Breaks and then build into Progressive Trance right through to my usual Uplifting / Tech Trance sound. I hardly ever get to build a night myself, so I’m excited to do this for the first time in Sydney.

I have lots of new material to play out and this is another reason I want to play a warm up too. I have lots of tracks from my forthcoming 2018 album that are not 138 bangers. Its going to be exciting for me to try them out in the clubs!

What is it like when you look out at the crowd at that sea of people and everyone is pulsing to the music that you are playing?

There is really nothing like it. Its such a buzz to be in control of everyone’s music. A wide variety of feelings run through my head at all time and I really do love it. The only thing better than DJing for me, is DJing your own music. Seeing the hard work and graft that I put in the studio pay off on a dance floor half a world away (in this case) is magical. It’s why I always say ‘you need to make your own tunes’.

I cant imagine that feeling been anywhere near as rewarding if you paid for someone to make your tune or do 80% of the work!

When did your love for Trance begin and what does Trance mean to you?

It was 2007. I moved to Ibiza to do a season out there and it just took over.

Looking back, it still makes me smile at how naive and young I was. Back then, I was just a 20 year old kid living in Ibiza, going to Amnesia and Space weekly listening to all types of music and gaining life experience. Trance was the genre that stood out a million miles away and I was lucky enough to see a LOT of Trance that summer. It changed my life. Its the stuff dreams are made off, really. I think it shaped me, and one thing I know it did for certain was make me realise that listening to music wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I needed to make it. 

What has been the most life-changing moment in your career to this day?

Hmm . . . it has to be making ‘Napalm Poet.’ Its still my biggest track just because of the impact it had. Before that track I was just a kid known in the local Sheffield Trance scene. After that record I think its safe to say that most of the Trance scene knew who I was haha! That one track literally did change my life and I often listen back to it or think about it and grin. Its amazing how something like that can literally alter the entire course of your life.

Before ‘Napalm Poet’ I was working in supermarkets selling energy, extremely unhappy and unfulfilled.

I’m not where I want to be yet, no where close, but ‘Napalm Poet,’ Bryan Kearney and all the love i got from the fans, plus all the tuition enquires I got after it, changed my life forever. It helped me create a successful music tuition business that still thrives today and more importantly, it got my name in the spotlight.

I have been giving my all ever since. If it wasn’t for that track and the timing (and a massive label turning it down funnily enough), who knows where I would be now.

What’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened during your one of your sets?

That’s a good question . . . I think it has to be my first gig in Argentina.

It was my first pro gig after been signed by an agency and I got to play in front of 8,000 people. I remember the first time that an ice cannon blast went off and it was just nuts. There i was, in Argentina (something that was merely a dream to me before), playing in front of a fucking massive crowd, playing ‘Napalm Poet,’ waving an Argentinian flag around, and this sick blast went off, and it was just surreal. Its pretty hard to explain haha. I could die a happy man just knowing that I’ve done things i could only ever dream of a few years ago.

I of course have high aspirations, but I feel very privileged to have experienced crazy shit like that.

What can we expect from you in the near future production-wise? Any exciting things your fans should be looking forward to?

There is so much stuff its madness! My agent couldn’t believe it when I reeled off all the music I am working on at the moment haha. I can tell you about my next single ‘Tilikum’. This one is out on March 6 via ‘In Trance We Trust’ and its an uplifting / tech track. It was made for my 2016 ‘In Trance We Trust 021’ compilation and its finally getting a full release. 

Another big track I can finally speak about is ‘Blu-82’. This is the follow up to ‘Napalm Poet’ & ‘Agent Orange’. Blu-82 is an Atomic Bomb that was used in the Vietnam war and i find the name fitting with theme of the singles I have released on Kearnage. 

Other than that I have about 16 other tracks, ranging from 110bpm to 142bpm. These are all upcoming singles or album tracks that you will see released through the next 18 months. 

I am working with some amazing vocalists (Noire Lee, Crystal Black, Sylvia Tosum, Polly Strange, Aylin and more to be announced) and cant wait to show the world what I have been working on lately. 

I am also really excited to announce that I have joined ‘Amplifyd’.  Amplified is designed to deep  the relationship between artists and fans and I have worked hard with their amazing team to create some exciting and unique packages . More info on this soon, but keep a eye out guys and gals!

Any shout-outs or anything that you would like to say to your Aussie fans?

As always, I cannot wait to be back for you guys. Lets fucking have it!

Adam Ellis, along with Daniel Kandi, will reach Sydney on Saturday March 4 at Foundry 616 in UltimoGrab tickets here, they’re selling fast!

Follow the Facebook event page here.

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