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EXCLUSIVE: Cosmic Gate talk forthcoming virtual concert — here’s what to expect


Left: Cosmic Gate at the front of Miami's The Temple House. Right: Cosmic Gate performing inside The Temple House.

Prepare for Cosmic Gate In Concert, a vivid premium-livestreaming experience.

Guaranteed to be epic from start to finish, Cosmic Gate are determined to put on two mind-blowing virtual shows from Miami’s globally recognised venue, The Temple House. With stunning 360-degree projection mapping in combination with Cosmic Gate’s wondrous sound, makes this highly-anticipated virtual livestream the ‘must see’ show of the season!

Cosmic Gate In Concert will kick off on Saturday October 3rd with their two-hour ‘For Your Mind’ set and the legendary duo will take fans on a nostalgic music journey with a special two-hour ‘Classics’ set on Saturday October 17th!

We recently caught up with Cosmic Gate to find out more on what fans can expect – read our interview below!

We’re absolutely thrilled for the special ‘Cosmic Gate In Concert’ livestreams, how did the concept come to be and what makes this livestream concert so unique?

Thank you very much, so are we! 🙂 After the great feedback of our New York City rooftop and Miami Balcony Rave livestreams, we were simply searching for ways to bring the whole idea of: “If you cant come to Cosmic Gate, Cosmic Gate comes to you!”, to the next level. Then we fortunately found the Temple House in Miami, offering a 360-degree projecting map around the venue, and wow, if we might say, it looks just spectacular.

After the venue was found, we worked on the concept for several months. Got visuals concepted and customised, and some new music produced. The filming and projecting had to be organised and planned, it was quite a project for our team in these weird times, and we simply hope you guys like the result.

What kind of experience can fans expect from the forthcoming ‘For Your Mind’ livestream set on October 3?

The ‘For Your Mind’ Concert will literally reflect our current sound, pretty much what you could expect when seeing us on a club show, well, at least if there were any… Expect today’s clubs finest, our latest single releases ‘Your Mind’, ‘Universal Love’ and the brand-new ‘The Launch’ with Andrew Bayer, also some of your Cosmic Gate all-time favourites and the world premiere of a new remix! Plus customised visuals for every single track.

Taking fans on a nostalgic journey with ‘The Classics’ livestream set on October 17, which classic anthems can fans expect to hear?

We will take people on a journey through time and trance styles! From our favourite personal classics meets to our own classics like ‘Exploration Of Space’ (oh yes, we will drop the original version from 1999!) or our remix for Tiësto’s ‘Urban Train’.

From progressive and melodic trance to hard trance and back. This will be a must see for everyone that enjoys trance since the late 90s, or wants to get a hint of it, maybe find some unknown gems for future playlists, we can’t wait to share this experience.

What role do you think Trance music is playing right now during these trying times?

Trance music in our opinion simply goes deeper than most other styles, its got soul, creates emotions, lets your mind fly at times. We hope some of our musical creations are part of this lifting spirit we all feel when listening to a good Trance tune which maybe these days is more important than ever.

We wish you loads of success with your special livestreams! Do you have any final words for all your die-hard fans?

Thank you so much! We simply hope that you guys will watch and enjoy the whole setup as much as we do!

This venue made our wildest digital dreams come true and are definitely the most craziest sets we have ever played — most likely the only sets we are playing back-to-back this this year.

Furthermore, we hope it helps some of you to forget these pandemic-caused problems. Kick back on your couch, pump up the volume and join us for some shows that will bring us together for an experience we’ll never forget!

Streaming Times:

Melbourne/Sydney 8:00AM AEST 🇦🇺
Berlin 12:00AM CET
New York 6:00PM EST
Los Angeles 3:00PM PST
Singapore 6:00AM SGT.
For all ticket buyers, both sets will be available as video-on-demand until the end of October 2020.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.