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Emma Hewitt on her home country: “Aussies always bring such incredible energy to shows”

Emma Hewitt is returning to Australia with Cosmic Gate this September.

“It is such a wonderful feeling to have the opportunity to perform in Australia! This is something that is still quite special to me and I don’t get to perform back home too often.” Emma Hewitt told Trance Project.

Emma Hewitt will join Trance duo Cosmic Gate on their upcoming ‘Materia Chapter.Two’ Aussie Tour, reaching  Sydney (Sept. 1), Melbourne (Sept. 2), Brisbane (Sept. 8) and Perth (Sept. 9).

The combination of Cosmic Gate’s renowned sound and Emma Hewitt’s soul-nourishing vocals is a match made in heaven, and her performance will overflow your mind with wondrous atmospheres and vibes!


“I think in a way, performing to a home crowd feels more “real”  than anything else. I guess these are the stages I grew up hoping to be on one day. Aussies always bring such incredible energy to shows!” Emma says.

The Aussie vocalist recently spoke to Trance Project about what fans fans can look forward to on tour and her exciting new collab with Cosmic Gate.

Your collab with Cosmic Gate ‘Tonight’ has rocked Beatport’s Trance Top 10 chart for over two weeks, how excited are you to be performing the new single LIVE on stage in Australia?

I can’t wait! It’s an honour to work with the guys again! I’m a huge fan of their productions and we always have a blast touring together! I am super happy with how this song turned out, and I can’t imagine a better place to start touring the single properly than back home! 

What else can fans expect from your upcoming performances alongside Cosmic Gate?

We will definitely be throwing in a couple of our other releases! To be honest, I don’t ever really know what to expect from our performances together either until the day haha . . . we very much decide on the spot how things will run and what we will do for the night. But whatever it is, it will be a lot of fun!

I was at one of your most recent performances in Sydney, and you were truly able to connect with every person in that club. What is it like when you look out at the crowd at that sea of people and everyone is singing along to the songs that you are performing?

Oh thank you! There is no greater feeling than seeing people sing along to a song that you wrote in your bedroom or whatever, when that song started out as personal to you and then it’s meaning kind of changes as it connects with other people. Seeing people responding to the songs is such a rush and definitely gives me so much energy to bounce off when I am performing. I always feel blessed to experience these moments.

The much-anticipated music video for ‘Tonight’ is just about to get released! How was the experience shooting the music video and where did it take place?

We shot the video for “Tonight” in Tallinn, Estonia just a couple of weeks back. Tallinn was an incredibly beautiful place with so much history, I had never visited before so it was a great introduction to the place for me. The team of people working on the video were super fun and very creative. It all came together extremely fast!

Emma Hewitt on the set of ‘Tonight’ music video.

Who has been your favourite artist or producer to collaborate with so far and do you have any in particular artist you would love to work with in the future?

I can’t really pick a favourite, as I have enjoyed and gotten something amazing out of every collaboration . . . but I do really love working with the Cosmic Gate guys. We get along so well as people and they have such immense talent!

I would really love to work with some of the new guys coming through now in slightly different styles, to much my writing a little bit, like Illenium perhaps. 

Do you have any final words for all your die-hard fans in Australia?

Come to the show!!! Hehe, can’t wait to see you all back in Aus! And thanks so much for supporting the music!

Tickets are on sale now:
Sydney: Sept 1 – Tickets
Melbourne: Sept 2 – Tickets
Brisbane: Sept 8 – Tickets
Perth: Sept 9 – Tickets

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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