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Gareth Emery’s ‘100 Reasons To Live’ rules at No.1 on iTunes Top Dance Albums in Australia

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Posted by Gareth Emery on Friday, 1 April 2016

Gareth Emery is enjoying his continued run of fantastic accomplishments.

Gareth Emery’s highly anticipated third artist album ‘100 Reasons To Live’ has reached No. 1 spot on iTunes Top Dance Albums and No. 29 on iTunes Top Albums in Australia. It has also reached No.1 on iTunes in 20 countries worldwide, a massive achievement for the UK-born music pioneer.

Anticipation of the release has been building since February, as the dance maestro has been counting down to the album release by posting 100 different ‘Reasons To Live’ on social media.

Through heart-wrenching lead single ‘Reckless’ (feat. Wayward Daughter), hit single ‘Hands’ with Alastor and London Thor, and any of the other masterful singles on the album, Gareth’s unrivalled craftsmanship makes him stand out from crowd.

Each of the songs is teeming with high-end melodies, spellbinding atmospheres, and life-affirming voices, confirming his skill for conjuring tunes that last forever and raising the bar for anything that comes next.

“I rediscovered what made me happy, or in other words, figured out my ‘Reasons To Live’, and then stuck ‘100’ in the front for no other reason than it sounded better,” Gareth Emery wrote on Facebook, revealing  how ‘100 Reasons To’ Live got its name read more on the inspiration behind the album here.

Listen or download here: Gareth Emery – 100 Reasons To Live

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