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Gareth Emery Stereosonic side show announced

Sydney fans can experience a night of mind-blowing music as Gareth Emery takes over Home Nightclub this friday.

Clubbers can secure their tickets here.

In a recent interview with The Trance Project, Gareth shared his excitement for the festival tour, opens up about trance, Australia’s scene and reveals his upcoming production plans.

Stereosonic tickets on sale here.

Hi Gareth, we hope you are doing well, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us.We’re thrilled to have you back in Australia this summer for Stereosonic – what are you most excited about touring with Australia’s biggest music festival?
“So many things! The amazing Aussie crowds, the week off between shows in such an amazing country, but most of all our Electric For Life live broadcast from Sydney.”
What do you love most about Australia’s electronic dance music scene?
“The fans. They’re open minded but appreciate the big records from the past. I have so much time for the Aussies.”
Who are some of the biggest inspirations behind your style of music?
“Too many to list. Guys like Eric Prydz, Kaskade and Avicii are always interesting to me because they make very melodic music in a different style, but these days I try not to focus on the music of others too much and just do what comes naturally to me.”
Explain your production process. How do you go about creating a song? Does the process differ when you’re creating a remix?
“Naturally yes. A remix begins with someone else’s parts, so that is always the starting point. Whereas a track of my own could start anywhere – a beautiful vocal, riff, chords, a groove, there’s no real set starting point.”

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What plans do you have for releases in the next coming months?
“I have a mix album due this year, Electric For Life 2015, then my new artist albums drops around March (but the first single should be out quite soon). I worked on it all this year, it’s the follow up to Drive and I’m pretty stoked for it.”
Which artists are you playing out regularly at the moment?
“Ashley Walbridge, Alex Sonata, Luke Bond and Lanos”
Do you have a favorite place in the world to perform these days?
“Not really. Some places have my favourite crowds, others have my favourite cities or cuisines… there’s always something that one place does the best, so I just try and enjoy it as much as possible.”
What is it like when you look out at the crowd – at that sea of people and everyone is pulsing to the music that you are playing?
It depends. At a major festival there are a lot of moving parts, and a lot of questions in your head… is the production going right, what track should I play next – you’re very focussed on doing a good job, but there’s always a moment towards the end when you suddenly realise where you are, the epicness of the moment takes over and you’re like “Wow, is this really my job? How fucking cool”.
What does trance mean to you?
“It’s a beautiful genre of music which I love because of it’s variety and variation.”

Stereosonic will continue to create an incredible experience for punters, with breathtaking production and immaculate festival grounds. Don’t miss out on tickets!

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