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Illuminor chosen as finalists in Anjunabeats contest & talk Perth’s Trance scene

Future’s looking bright for Aussie duo Illuminor.

Perth Trance & Progressive duo Joe Benger and Michael Ware have kept the Illuminor moniker flaming for years, building a grand reputation within the local scene.

Rocking crowds with their sounds for quite some time now, it’s the Aussie guys of Illuminor that form a perfect musical symbiosis for more than 6 years already.

Months after the release of their massive hit ‘Nephilim’ on FSOE, Illuminor drop some new ear candy on their latest hour-long mix, made as part of their entry for Anjunabeat’s Beats In School competition, which will offer one winner a year-long mentorship with Above & Beyond’s much-loved record label. Filled with pumping beats and breathtaking sounds, the competition mix also includes their new original gem, ‘Osho’. Illuminor have been chosen as a world finalist for the contest.

Have a listen to the mix below and check out our recent interview with the Aussie talent, where they reveal more about what’s to come, their music career and Perth’s local Trance scene.

1. How has 2017 treated you both? Any exciting gigs coming up?

2017 has served as a bit of a re-awakening for us. We spent a big part of it soul searching, trying new things and experimenting with new sounds. When you are as obsessed as we are with music and in particular, electronic music, it can be hard not to get caught up within noisy influences which pull your inspiration into crazy directions… I feel now we have come full circle and really have a fire in the belly to produce, cultivate and fight for quality emotional dance music!

2. What can we expect from you in the near future production-wise? Any exciting things your fans should be looking forward to?

We have been working very hard in the studio. In addition to what we’ve already signed and released this year, we recently entered the Anjunabeats “Beats In School” competition, which includes an hour long mix and a brand new original sandwiched in there! The whole concept of the competition is based around supplying a mentorship for those who are looking to reach lofty, Anjuna-like heights — which for us, has always been a bit of a spiritual home. You can check it out below.

3. What’s the best part about having a career in music and what does music mean to you both?

I think we’ve identified that music is an inseparable part of who we are. No matter what we do, tell ourselves or where life pulls us – we always end up needing to express ourselves through music one way or another. I think what drives us is the passion to spread the positive influence music gives us onto as many people as possible… It’s our rock!

4. How would you best describe the trance scene in your hometown, Perth? What do you love most about Perth’s scene?

Trance is a funny one here at times! Because we are so isolated and fewer in number than say, Melbourne or Sydney – it can be a hard sell! But there are some dedicated promoters who are applying the right touch to always keep up a presense. Despite our lower numbers, I think we’ve proven our crowds come with a very open mind and, if you believe in what you’re doing – they’ll pick up on that and see through the so called genre-snobbery!

5. Is there anything you’d like to say to your die-hard fans?

We love you. You’re the very reason we’re here!

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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