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Super8 & Tab: “We love what we do! When you find something you really love it’s hard to let go”

Super8 & Tab Interview

Only a select number of modern trance artists can convincingly say they are taking the sound to the next level. Although the humble, softly spoken duo would never shout it out themselves, Super8 & Tab are undoubtedly among them.

Renowned for their innovative approach and intricate production values, the Finnish producers have stealthily pushed themselves to the front of the trance pack since coming together in 2005.

The Trance Project recently caught up with the duo and fired away with questions on the secret to staying in the music business for the long haul, their album ‘Unified’, and found out what the next move is for the duo production-wise this year.

It’s been about 5 months since ‘Unified’ was released. How have the reactions been? Was there a particular motivation or inspiration that was the source of the album?

The album has been doing really well and we are really proud of the result! It was a long process but we have been overwhelmed from all the feedback we have got and all the chart positions it has gained!

We wanted to continue where left with Empire. We worked with some of the artist like Julie Thompson and Jan Burton like on Empire but this time we collaborations like 7 Skies, BT and Jaytech. Its was really inspiring to work with all these talented artist, travel around the world and meet so many new friends around the globe. Its simple our biggest and best work to date and it feels great!

Do you feel that an album gives you the best way to tell your story, rather than releasing singles?

Absolutely! Creatng an album is a long process of writing tracks as you want it to sound as one long journey. An album also gives you a good opportunity to experiment something new, dig deeper your sound and learn new things too.

With two people behind the decks and in the studio, do you find you influence each other?

It’s good to have two creative minds in this project. No matter what we do we always try to push other one little bit further. We get influence not only from each other but also from other music, traveling, playing music or meeting new people on the road!

You’ve both had quite an impressive career, how do you see the scene changing, and is it for the better?

The Eectronic Dance music scene has been always changing and that’s only a good thing! It keeps everything interesting and fresh! It has always been like that and we hope it will never end!

What’s the secret to staying in the music business for the long haul?

Have the passion in what you do, learn every day something new, keep working hard in the studio on new music. It’s nothing easy thing to do but we have been lucky to work with the best people in the industry and most importantly have the best fans, they push us to deliver some new and exciting everyday!

How did you know that producing and DJing was something that you both wanted to do? What gave you that push and drive to want to be heard by the world?

We ask this question often to ourselves. Simple answer is: We love what we do! When you find something you really love its hard to let go, if not impossible. If you don’t know yours keep looking, when you find it you know there is nothing else you want to do.

For upcoming or experienced producers, is there a Super8 & Tab sound design or production secret you’d like to share?

We have always stayed to truthful to our core sound. Its always been melodic bringing new elements from different kind of genres no matter if its EDM, Trance, House or Techno, you name it. That’s what makes the ‘Super8 & Tab sound’. Good tip for production is that when you get a kick drum and bass working together, then you can build the rest of the mixing on top of that. Sounds simple but I can tell you, its not! haha

Off the back of your last tour to Australia, which was really only a few months ago. How was the experience touring right across the country?

Australia has always been treating us well and this time was no exception! This was our second club tour in OZ after several years of festivals. Playing sold out shows in Sydney or Melbourne and first time in Metro City in Perth was a highlight of the tour! Ending our tour in Melbourne and full house singing birthday song for both of us was something you’ll never for get!

What do you both look forward to the most each time you visit Australia?

After sever years of touring in Australia we have some really close friends over there! Weather and food has always been good and of course everyone knows how to party! Its always nice to come back year after year and we are already looking to come back sometime soon!

The Unified album tour also reached the U.S., which took you to New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Seattle, and many other places. What is the U.S. scene is like compared to the rest of the World?

EDM scene is booming in the U.S. at the moment. Its been like that many years now and its going strong! We would say there isn’t that much difference on the scene these days. Of course their market is huge and they have more festivals over there than anywhere in the world but from our point of views its as good as its in Australia or in some countries in Asia or South America.

Do you both have a favorite place in the world to perform these days?

There are so many good places to play so its hard to name just one. It can be some small 500 people club in Seinäjoki in Finland or a massive festival like EDC in Las Vegas. Every gig is a memorable at least for us

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened during your one of your sets?

If you don’t count power failures during our set like in ASOT, Malaysia or some random people jumping to the stage or promoters in Romania asking you to play with an 18 channel band mixer, I think our shows have been going pretty smoothly!

What’s the next move for you two production-wise in 2015? Can we expect more singles, ‘Unified – The Remixes’ album, or both?

There will be few singles coming out from the album with great remixes as well as Extended Album mixes. We just finished our remix for Cosmic Gate which should be out early April and of course we have been working new stuff too. So expect a lot release during 2015!

Any last words to your Australian fans?

Thank you for being so supporting during the years – it means a lot to us! We hope to be back sometime soon!

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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