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UK Trance hero Allan Morrow is the next big thing to hit Sydney’s Trance scene

Allan Morrow to make huge Sydney debut this month.

Allan Morrow has made the big move from the UK to Australia and is set to conquer Sydney with his headlining show on Friday April 26 at Civic Underground.

“I really can’t wait to play my first headliner show in Sydney. I have heard the sound system in there is amazing, so I am looking forward to playing some new and old Trance tracks through it,” says the Trance hero who’s set to bring a taste of the UK underground to Aussie fans.

Allan Morrow will offer Sydney some of the most enthralling atmospheres we’ve heard in a long, long time, filled with “dark, melodic, driving and techy tunes for you all to get heaps sweaty too,” he says.

No one makes slamming Trance quite like Allan Morrow. On his new single ‘Scrap’, released on FSOE Clandestine, the Tech-Trance monster is as humongous as a record can get and his latest remix of Liam Wilson’s ‘Remember Me’ is groundbreaking and truly captivating. On stage, he truly takes party-goers on a mind-blowing journey, hitting the crowd full force!

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You made a move to Australia from the UK, and now you’re about to make your huge Sydney debut! How excited are you to be headlining Breakthrough’s much-anticipated Underground show this month?

I really can’t wait to play my first headliner show in Sydney! I am also happy to be playing for 2 hours as it gives me more time to create a captivating clubbing journey. I have heard the sound system in there is amazing, so I am looking forward to playing some new and old Trance tracks through it.

What can Sydney party-goers expect from your forthcoming headlining set?

I’m not going to be playing your typical Beatport Trance Top 100 set. I am going there with a goal, to create an underground atmosphere. Full of dark, melodic, driving and techy tunes for you all to get heaps sweaty too.

What’s the best part about now living in Australia

I think it’s the lifestyle. Everything seems a lot more laid back here. It’s also great having a second home here with family and friends. The weather isn’t too bad either 😉

What’s been your favourite track of 2019 so far?

My favourite track this year has been a Techno track but has Trance influences – “Spektre – Retrograde”. It’s unique and loving what Spektre are doing at the moment!

What are some of the early Trance records that made a serious impact on your sound?

So many to choose from! On the night of my set, you are going to hear a lot of older tracks that I loved back in the day, so I’ll let you wait and see.

What year did you start diving into the world of Trance music?

I think it was around 2004 when I properly got into listening to it and searching for it. I had obviously heard Trance before then as I remember my mum used to listen to Gatecrasher CDs in the car when I was little and loved it.

Do you think Trance music is in a good place right now?

I really feel that it depends on what styles of Trance you like. For me, I feel that there could be more Trance that isn’t just aiming to be part of the Beatport top 10. There is a lot of uplifting stuff that sounds the same to me, but maybe that’s because I feel that the scene is missing that old Discover Records style Trance.

Criticism runs strong in this industry, especially from Trance fans throughout social media. Have you experienced this and what’s your advice to aspiring DJs and producers on dealing with it?

I have had people criticise my work online and in forums etc. and the best thing to do is learn to take criticism. You are in a creative world, and that means your not going to please everyone. For me, bad critics were healthy as it made me push for better productions. I used to see bad comments and think to myself “right, I’ll prove to you I can do this”.

Seeing hurtful comments about something you have put a lot of work into is always going to hurt but try to bounce back from it. If you put everything you can into it, then that’s all you can do. Learn as much as you can, and never get complacent with your skill level.

How’s AM Studios, your Trance music tuition and tutorials going?

Yes, AM Studios is going well. I have put a lot of effort into AM Studios over the last year by trying to create unique tutorials that are different from the rest online. They have been received really well and even been commented as “The mecca of Trance tutorials” so it’s nice to see the hard work appreciated.

In the tutorials you will see that they are not pre-planned, which means that the people watching them will see different issues that come up in the production world everyday and how to overcome them. I also have released a series for producers who are stuck in their ways called “Thinking Outside The Box”. It’s a series of tutorials dedicated to trying to get producers breaking their boundaries.

For anyone interested in tutorials or tuition, please head to

Any upcoming releases or collabs you can discuss or give hints about?

Well I have just released a new track called ‘Scrap’ on FSOE Clandestine which is out now! And also I have just released my remix of Liam Wilson’s track ‘Remember Me’.

I have lots of new tracks in the works also. Two of them I will be road testing at the event.

What’s a day in the life of Allan Morrow like?

I work on music most days in some way. Some days it will be tutorials and my own music and others can be clients and promo etc for AM Studios. It all just depends on the day and what I’m feeling.

Do you have any final words for all your die-hard Aussie fans?

I want to thank you all for the continued support, and I can’t wait to play for you in Sydney. If you are looking to get a good injection of Trance and Tech Trance, then make sure to get your tickets for the night!

Get tickets to Allan Morrow’s huge Sydney debut here

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