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10 new killer Trance tunes you need to hear this week

Renegade System, Will Atkinson, Cosmic Gate, Will Rees & Paul Denton.

The pick of Trance music is right here!

If you’re a Trance fan, you ought to know these smashing new tunes from XiJaro & Pitch & Paipy, Will Atkinson, Heatbeat, 4 Strings & Susanne Teutenberg and Rene Ablaze & Terra V.

This week also features new music from Paul Denton & Will Rees, Renegade System, Cosmic Gate, Jameson Taylor, plus Daniel Kandi & Temple One.

Hit play below and lose yourself in the music.

XiJaro & Pitch & Paipy – Evija:

XiJaro & Pitch’s mesmerising new collab with Paipy shows exactly how to enchant the global Trance crowd. Get it here.

Perplexer – Acid Folk (Will Atkinson Last King Of Scotland Remix):

Will Atkinson’s Last King Of Scotland Remix ups the intensity level and brings the heat time and time again. Get it here.

Heatbeat – Feel Alive:

Another scorching production from Heatbeat, his new single will make you feel alive more than ever before! Get it here.

4 Strings & Susanne Teutenberg – Ocean Wave:

‘Ocean Wave’ is set to enchant listeners beyond belief! Get it here.

Rene Ablaze & Terra V – Heavens Above:

‘Heavens Above’ is where the high amounts of energy and captivating uplifting melodies become as one. Get it here.

Paul Denton & Will Rees – Fluidity:

Paul Denton and Will Rees hit Subculture with a sublime slice of Trance, sure to pump you full of adrenaline. Get it here.

Renegade System – Punk Grenade (Original Mix):

Renegade System’s new tune will have fans on the edge of their seats till it’s time to press the repeat button again. Get it here.

Andrew Rayel & Olivia Sebastianelli – Everything Everyting (Cosmic Gate Remix):

Surrounding the empowering vocals and soundscapes of the original with atmospheric textures, the globally acclaimed duo made sure their remix was simply stellar on all fronts. Get it here.

Jameson Taylor – Space To Continue:

Pacy, well-crafted and epic from start to finish, ‘Space To Continue’ guarantees a mind-blowing entrancing experience the way it’s meant to be. Get it here.

Goldenscan – Sunrise (Daniel Kandi & Temple One Remix)

An impactful and mesmerising take on Goldenscan’s classic ‘Sunrise’, this remix is sure to touch the hearts of the new generation of Trance fans. Get it here.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.