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Armin on new music video: “I didn’t want to have the cliché, the big dancefloor.”

One of the world’s leading electronic dance music DJs and producers, GRAMMY® nominee Armin van Buuren is keenly aware that his music is best enjoyed as a multi-sensory experience.

Today, the official music video for Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz, “Another You” (Armada Music), is released on YouTube.

By living out the story of “Another You” as experienced through this video, music-lovers are able to peer inside the imaginations of Armin van Buuren and Mr. Probz and appreciate the emotional depth and good-natured sensibility the song evokes. “Another You” is the first single from Armin van Buuren’s forthcoming full-length studio album to be released later this year on Armada Music.

Shot in the beautiful city of Malaga, Spain,the video for “Another You” shows both Armin’s romantic side as well as his humorous side. (The final scene features Armin and Mr. Probz hamming it up in a Cuban-style karaoke bar.) The video features a clean-cut, handsome young man struggling to mend a broken heart after being left by his young brunette girlfriend. While pining for his ex and searching for her, the protagonist fortuitously crosses paths with an intriguing young blonde woman whom he eventually ends up seeking as day turns into night.

“I didn’t want to have the cliché, the big dancefloor. I wanted to have a little special video with, it’s everything about intimate, small, very atmospheric. Very moody. I had a lot of fun filming this with Dennis (Stehr, aka Mr. Probz)!” Said Armin van Buuren of the making of this video.

With tracking shots through the streets of Malaga, the video’s sequences hold the viewer’s attention until the payoff scene at the end brings resolution, all the while hinting at the birth of another adventure. The video for “Another You” captures young heartbreak followed by the promise, the potential, the possibilities of new love. It’s a special kind of love that’s ready to blossom on a summer’s night. The song itself feels buoyant and lighthearted.

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