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Armin van Buuren on the future of ‘Armin Only’

In the past few years, ‘Armin Only’ has evolved beyond a solo-show concept and into a full-fledged dance music experience.

The latest in the Armin Only lineage is ‘Armin Only Embrace’, a solo performance by Armin van Buuren, joined by live performances, dance acts, striking visuals, special effects, and, of course, a lot of music from his ‘Embrace’ album.

On Saturday May 13, Armin van Buuren will mark his 20th year in music with his biggest solo show to date – ‘The Best of Armin Only’, showcasing all of his personal highlights from the past years.

In a recent interview, we asked the legendary act if he thinks he’ll still be producing and performing big shows like Armin Only in another 20 years time and he said: “At the moment I don’t think it’ll be coming back, but who knows in the future.”

“Armin Only is my baby. At the moment, after the ‘Best Of Armin Only’, I don’t have any shows planned. It feels like a good moment to close all the shows down that I’ve done, but who knows what the future will bring,” he continued.

“I will constantly try redevelop myself and there a lot more things I want to do and discover.”

Armin Only will hit Sydney on Saturday January 28 and fans can grab tickets here it could be the last Armin Only show you’ll ever witness!

Read the full interview: Armin van Buuren talks special Aussie vinyl set and all things ‘Armin Only Embrace’

Armin Only Embrace
Saturday January 28, 2017
New times: 10.30pm – 5.00am
Exhibition Halls, Sydney Showgrounds.
Tickets on sale here!

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