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ASOT fans name newborn daughter after Trance duo, GAIA

Now that’s dedication!

Trance fans are known for going to extraordinary lengths to express their love for the genre.

But an Israeli couple may have just topped the lot, naming their newborn daughter after Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeij’s far-famed Trance alias, GAIA.

Anya and Alex, the parents of the newborn, appeared on today’s episode of A State Of Trance during the ‘Service For Dreamers’ segment to share the story on how naming their daughter came to be. The popular segment is where ASOT fans drop by the studio to request a song that they feel strongly connected to.

“In 2009, we heard for the very first time a track by GAIA, and we were deeply touched so we decided that when we have a baby girl, we would call her Gaia. Four years ago, our first son was born, but we continued trying to have a girl. Then our second son was born, so we kept trying. And then finally, our daughter was born and we named her Gaia,” Anya shared on ASOT.

Mesmerised by the story, Armin van Buuren played GAIA’s classic anthem ‘Tuvan’ as part of the segment. 

Check out today’s episode of A State Of Trance below and watch the special segment from the 57:25 mark.

A State Of Trance Episode 911:

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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