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Ben Gold talks massive Aussie debut of FUTURECODE at Festival X

We caught up with Ben Gold!

Two of the world’s finest Trance acts will join forces at Festival X.

Immersed in the sound of the future, Ben Gold and Omnia have teamed up under their new ‘FUTURECODE’ alias and are set to make their Aussie debut at Sydney Showground on Saturday November 30 and Melbourne Showground on Sunday December 1 for Australia’s newest music gathering, Festival X.

We had the chance to catch up with FUTURECODE’s Ben Gold to chat about his exciting venture with Omnia and what fans can expect from their much anticipated sets in Australia.

See the full interview below!

We’re thrilled to finally have you back in Australia, this time to perform under your new FUTURECODE alias with Omnia at Festival X! How excited are you to be returning back to our shores and what do you love most about the Aussie scene?

I’m definitely just as thrilled as you guys are, I’m pumped to be playing Festival X and so excited to be back in Australia again, it feels like ages!

I think the thing that I love most about playing for an Aussie crowd is the fact that it’s so far away. I don’t get to come here that often which means it’s always super special. I always want to go that extra mile in the set and give something really incredible on the stage. I always feel so welcomed in Australia, there’s always such a huge affection from the fans, I kind of feed off that and inject it into the mix and it always ends up being an incredible experience for me as a DJ and artist.

What prompted you to both start producing music under the new alias and how would you describe the ‘FUTURECODE’ sound?

It was almost by accident, to be completely honest. We did an impromptu set back to back with each other at the Electronic Family Festival in Europe last year and it was just a huge amount of fun. Then we were both at Untold Festival a few weeks later and we thought we’d try it again, to see what happened and it was the same, absolutely electric and the reaction from the crowd was mind blowing.

We decided to put a lot more thought into the whole idea, we came up with the FUTURECODE name, the branding, the lighting, the visuals and so on, and the concept came to life.

I’d say our sound is completely separate from our own individual projects – you’ll never hear music at a FUTURECODE show that you’ll hear anywhere else. We do a lot of original music, mash-ups and remixes that are only for use in FUTURECODE shows so if you don’t manage to catch us live, you won’t get to hear it. I think that makes it special for the people that are there, it’s like if you here with us in this minute, if you’re present with us at this show, you’ll experience something completely that is just for you, from us.

With two people behind the decks and in the studio, do you find you influence each other and how would you describe the dynamic of your musical partnership?

To be honest, even before we stepped into a studio together for the first time we were very much on the same page musically. We have the same ideas, the same direction, the same creative flow for the FUTURECODE project which obviously makes the whole process a LOT easier. I don’t think it’d be remotely possible for us to do it if there wasn’t such a high level of creative symbiosis there. The great thing is that that manages to translate to the stage too, when we’re playing together. We both have a ton of energy when we’re on stage and to be able to bounce off each other and take each other higher with each track we drop – figure the energy of the crowd into that as well and it’s all just on another level.

Festival X is going to be off the hook!

What do you hope your fans get out of your much-anticipated Aussie debut at Festival X? Will we be hearing any new music?

There’s definitely a ton of new music. Like I said earlier all the tracks we play as FUTURECODE have been specifically created for those shows and those shows only, so there’ll be edits and singles and remixes that fans will never have heard before. I hope everyone walks away with their minds blown 🙂

Would you like to share any final words to all your Aussie fans?

Just that I’m super excited to see everyone, I’m looking forward to some decent Aussie heat and sunshine, your world famous hospitality and to rocking both Festival X shows – see you all there!

Get your Festival X tickets here and check out the full lineup below!

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