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EXCLUSIVE: MaRLo on new ‘Castles In The Sky’ remake with Triode & HALIENE

Listen to the remake below!

Triode, MaRLo & HALIENE

Loaded with emotion and power, MaRLo, Triode and HALIENE have turned ‘Castles In The Sky’ into something extraordinary for the new generation of dance music lovers.

Initially crafted up by vocal dance act Ian Van Dahl two decades ago, ‘Castles In The Sky’ is set to shine once more through MaRLo’s brilliant uplifting version with Triode and HALIENE, putting a refreshing touch to the beloved melody and mesmerising vocals that we’ve come to know so well.

MaRLo recently spoke to Trance Project to share how the ‘Castles In The Sky’ collab came to be.

“I was on a panel for Neon Owl in San Francisco doing a demo feedback session. Triode was there presenting his bootleg remix of ‘Castles In The Sky’, I loved it but felt I could add and change it to work better in my sets so I asked him if he’d like to collaborate on it,” he said.

“I changed quite a few things including the main lead melody but Triode had already done an excellent job too,” MaRLo continued. “I started playing it last year at all the big festivals as a bootleg and then during COVID I asked my good friend HALIENE if she’d be keen to re-sing the vocal in her own style. She did an incredible job and really took the song to a whole new level!”

MaRLo never ceases to amaze and his new collaborative effort gives us the escape that we all need, especially during these trying times.

“I think all music is important to people stuck at home. ‘Dance music’ is having a hard time without anywhere to dance together and connect with like minded people. The Trance scene thrives on the tribal idea of dancing together around the campfire (or in our case lasers haha). That feeling of unity in a crowded room of strangers, I miss that. I think we are all longing and hanging onto those moments, and listening to the music that remind us of those times is important,” MaRLo told Trance Project.

Many fans have found the strongest musical connections through MaRLo’s seemingly never-ending catalogue of entrancing tunes, and in these uncertain times, he is still right there with them through the release of ‘Castles In The Sky’.

“It’s important not to lose sense of your identity and the things that you love. Music is a reminder of that. Music can heal, soothe, and bring energy to power on and not give up! Even in these testing times.”

Listen to ‘Castles In The Sky’ below.

MaRLo x Triode x HALIENE – Castles In The Sky:

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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