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The DJs who inspire these Voodoo Sydney residents

Inspiration is everywhere — from the lyrics of your favorite vocal trance tune, to the amazing experiences at music festivals and events. You just need to open your eyes, and breathe it in.

We talk with 4 Voodoo Sydney residents about which DJs inspires them the most. Make sure to catch these incredible locals at Generation DJs this Friday at Home Nightclub. Click here for event info.


I often find inspiration from other areas outside of music as well sports people, art, travel, and even a breath-taking view! I am a huge fan of technically gifted DJ’s. With the technology around these days, it can be pretty easy to mix so I believe mixing is only 10% of the art form. The other 90% consists of track selection (playing to the set time), set progression, reading/interacting with the crowd, among other things. Even though trance is my passion, there are many other DJ’s who play other genres that I love watching because they inspire me with the way they perform, even though I may not necessarily like the songs they play. James Zabiela, Carl Cox and Axwell (circa 2005) are some examples. One DJ who has inspired me to do what I do now, would have to be Eddie Halliwell. One of the most energetic, entertaining and inspiring DJ’s I have ever had the pleasure of seeing perform live (also circa 2005).  In terms of production, it would be Scot Project. His signature sound in the dominant Hard Trance era of the 2000’s is my favourite of all time and he is also a joy to watch live. Follow DeJaN on Facebook here.



John O’Callaghan! He runs a successful label, radio show, launches compilations, throws parties across the globe and curates DJ sets that never disappoint. He does it all while remaining humble and true to his style. A real class act! Follow Amy Parnell on Facebook here.




Above & Beyond! Because Above & Beyond. Without sounding too cheesy, Above and Beyond’s music makes me feel things, things i don’t really know how to explain. They’re humble, all three of them, and they’re musical gods in my eyes. I feel like they’re more in it for the music and the fans rather than the money and fame. I want to be like that. I want to say I’ve shared the stage with them one day. I want my music to make people feel things like their music does. That’s my inspiration. Follow Daniel Kael on Facebook here.



Armin van Buuren! The reason is that although his style as of late has been changing, with many people loving it, many hating, and others sitting on the fence, he has always reflected what I’ve valued the most in an artist. By this I mean that he’s always stayed dedicated and committed to his fans, as well as being an innovator and pioneer with what he’s done in the trance scene. For instance, when he started his weekly radio show ASOT, colleagues and industry figures thought he was simply crazy and trying too hard, but now the concept is one of the most followed internet radio shows in the world, and has stayed relevant and prevalent in the scene for a very very long. Follow Rodman on Facebook here.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

My name is Miguel, and i'm a trance addict.

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