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One of Australia’s leading trance acts to debut in South America this year

“I’m extremely pumped up! I’ve been receiving many amazing messages from a lot of fans from Argentina and they’ve been saying that I’ll be having the best time of my life!” Pinkque says on her upcoming show in Argentina.

Pinkque is an Australian DJ/producer who’s all about authenticity, constantly touring across Melbourne, releasing monstrous trance tracks on labels such as Extrema Global Music and Tytanium Recordings (Black Hole Recordings) there’s no doubt she’s one of Australia’s leading female trance acts.

The Melbourne native will travel to the amazing city of Buenos Aires in Argentina for an exciting trance gig this year, presented by TOT Producciones one of Argentina’s leading trance promoters.

“I saw that TOT Producciones had toured with artists that I’ve played with  (Thrillseekers, Neptune Project) and I saw their upcoming shows with Jase Thirlwall and Allan Morrow and I thought to myself ‘You know what, I’m going to introduce myself to them’, within the next few hours I received a reply and it all went from there!” Pinkque told The Trance Project in a recent interview about how the gig came about.

“A few days later, contracts were signed and everything was in place ready to go. I actually had to pinch myself quite a few times and then have a celebratory drink (or two haha) because to play in Argentina, for me, it’s a dream come true!” she continued.

While the exact event details haven’t been unveiled, fans who are interested in attending should follow Pinkque and TOT Producciones on Facebook for the thrilling announcement.

“I’m spending 5 days in Argentina to explore and mingle, then heading to Barbados on the way home for 7 days. I’ve got my wonderful mum travelling with me who has supported me so much, I couldn’t think of anyone else I’d rather share this moment with! She’s my rock and my best friend. I am truly blessed that she can see me do something I’m so passionate about in another country, I’m very lucky!”

Argentinean trance fans are ready to share their love for the music with our trance hero and unite for the event of a lifetime.

“I honestly cannot wait to meet a lot of you and play for you in your beautiful country. This is going to be one hell of a show! Big thanks to the guys at TOT Producciones, they’ve been an absolute treat to work with and I have a high level of respect for them and their whole team. I will never forget this opportunity they have given me.”

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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