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Sander van Doorn returns to Trance with brand new project debuting at Istoria Australia 2017

Sander van Doorn returns to trance with brand new project, debuting for the first time anywhere in the world at Australia’s biggest trance event Istoria in March.

Sander van Doorn will offer fans unprecedented euphoria with his new project and new sound that he describes as much “sharper, darker and rougher.” 

Over the years, Sander van Doorn has created a distinctive and successful style, but as most of you know there has always been another side to him. Embracing his diversity as an artist, he explores the depths of his desires and is going to hit you with a bang!

“We’ve planned to take 2017 to release the entire project in phases. I really want to take the time and space to set this project right; to lay a foundation for this sound and to build on that together with my fans,” the legendary DJ/producer exclusively told The Trance Project.

Australia will get the first taste of the upcoming project, dubbed as ‘Sander van Doorn brings you P.Haze 1 & P.Haze 2’, when he lands in Melbourne on March 12 and in Sydney on March 18 for the highly anticipated Trance event, Istoria, and is set to play two career-spanning sets of classics, with a hint of now.

The Trance Project caught up with Sander van Doorn to discuss more about the exciting new music project – read the full interview below and grab tickets to Istoria Melbourne and Istoria Sydney.

We’ve heard rumours you’ve been working on a new project? Can you tell us something about that?

I am announcing the launch of an exciting new project. I am starting this as a separate project to explore a different artistic side of myself.

It’s a different sound. Sharper. Darker. Rougher. And it’s a sound that I feel doesn’t fit with the sound of Sander van Doorn. The Sander van Doorn sound you all know will not be affected by this new project. Both sounds create a different energy on the dance floor, so I have to keep both projects separate.

What started as a very successful experiment has remained a lingering fire. At this moment in my career I want to further explore this long cherished project without losing focus on the known and loved sound of Sander van Doorn.

I want to take the artistic freedom to explore my darker side; find the Mr. Hyde to my Dr. Jekyll so to speak. Too often I’ve seen artists loose their focus when they try to combine too many different sounds, but at the moment I get so much creative energy from working on this project that it’s actually adding to the creative flow for Sander van Doorn. So, I will be exploring a sharper sound without having to change my Sander van Doorn sound.

We’ve planned to take 2017 to release the entire project in phases. I really want to take the time and space to set this project right; to lay a foundation for this sound and to build on that together with my fans.

For me a bottom-up approach for the development of this sound is very important; I’d much rather win over your hearts with this sound than dropping a new act on you that is set in stone. In each phase we will be revealing pieces of the puzzle.

Just like I’m versatile as an artist, I believe my fans are versatile in their musical tastes.

What’s the name of this new project?

Haha, if I haven’t mentioned it by now I won’t be revealing it today. As I said I want to build on this with my fans…and who knows…they might get a role in that as well!

Why now?

Because it feels right now and I’ve learned to trust my creative instinct.

What does the sound of your new project compare to? What should we call this sound? How does it compare to Purple Haze?

Funny that you ask that; in Purple Haze I also experimented with a darker sound. So, for me it’s not strange to start a new project. I know I got this.

Do you think Trance fans are ready for this? Even the new generation?

Definitely. Music is emotion that you get carried away in. I am confident that my fans will join me on this musical trip. 

Are there any plans to tour with this new project? Will you be releasing a lot of records soon? Are you planning an album?

Wow, a lot of questions. But yes, the plans are there so you will be hearing a lot from me the coming time.  

What do you like about your Aussie fans?

Well I am always really excited to go to Australia. The crowd is full energy and normally I come here once every two years so they are always happy to see me! They won’t stop dancing through my entire set and they are very welcoming every time!

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 Grab tickets to Istoria Melbourne here and Istoria Sydney here.

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