Aussie Trance acts reveal their Tune of the Year 2016

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Asteria (NSW)

Hilight Tribe – Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix)
(Iboga Records)

Kinesthetics (QLD)

Jason Ross – Valor (Anjunabeats)
“The one track that stands out for me time and time again from 2016 is ‘Valor’ by Jason Ross. He’s arguably got one of the most unique sounds out there with his blend of monstrous big-room sounds, addictive vocal cuts, and euphoric melodies, and ‘Valor’ encapsulates this beautifully. Hugely inspiring stuff!”

Rick (Digital Dreamerz) (VIC)

The Thrillseekers Pres. Hydra – Amber (Skylex Remix) (FSOE)
“For me it would have to be The Thrillseekers Pres. Hydra – Amber (Skylex Remix).”

Rob Tech (NSW)

Open Road (Extended Mix) by Daniel Kandi & Markus Wilkinson (Always Alive Recordings)
“This has to be one of the most beautiful uplifting trance tunes ever made! It has so many beautiful melodies and such a great atmosphere created by the amazing breakdown. The basslines suit the track very well and I look forward to what new stuff comes out next year!”

Allyway (VIC)

Darren Porter – To Feel Again (FSOE)
“I’m going with porter!”

Charbel Maatouk (NSW)

Menno De Jong & Adam Ellis feat. Kate Louise – Set To Sail (In Trance We Trust)
“I chose that track because of its production quality, the transitions and emotions it resonates, and the fact that you can tell even without the beautiful vocals it’ll still be a masterpiece.”


Indecent Noise – Daybreak (Ferry Tayle​ remix) (Mental Asylum Records)
“While I’m really feeling the progressive sound and spend most of my time listening to prog, I came across this absolute beauty which reignited my love of uplifting trance. There are few gems in this space lately, but this is definitely one of those tracks that truly lifts me up. As soon as that gorgeous pluck kicks in a wave of positive emotion comes over me and runs right through me from head to toe giving me chills to the core and really lifts my spirits. At a time when I am driven by my emotions lately this is piece of heaven.”

Rodman (NSW)

Sied van Riel Feat. Jennifer Rene – The Reason (Rielism)
“I love everything about it; her voice, the chords, the energy – its just incredible”

Johnny L (VIC)

Aly & Fila meets Roger Shah & Susana – Unbreakable (FSOE)
“The track is a straight forward uplifting trancer with an energetic driving groove. The vocals is absolutely stunning and it’s the first time that i’ve heard Susana singing in Spanish. The melody is epic as well! Definitely a good peak time trancer & really well produced.”

Amber Traill

Kriess Guyte – Tribalism (Damaged)
“My pick for tune of the year has to be ‘Tribalism’ by Kriess Guyte. Love the use of samples, the percussion and the drop . . . absolute beast of a track! I’ve had this bad boy on repeat – it’s addictive!”

Elusive Sense (VIC)

The Noble Six – Oddworld (Subculture)
“My Tune of The Year is. . . The Noble Six – Oddworld (Original Mix)”

Snaz (VIC)

Manuel Le Saux and Mostfa & Mostfa – One World (Maratone remix) (Discover Records)

“A very underrated track – a dark thumping tech-trancer with an epic melodic uplifting buildup and big drop. The use of the piano melody and choir vocal pads makes for a feel good buildup which peaks for a hands in the air moment, yet delivers a rather brutal tech drop that has made the crowd go nuts every time I have played this out. A superb job on the remix which makes it my choice for 2016 Trance track of the year!”

James (VIC)

The Thrillseekers Pres. Hydra – Amber (FSOE)
“This tune has everything I love about trance, old school uplifting feel and it’s a tune dedicated to The Thrillseekers studio companion Amber the dog. What better way to honour her by making a fantastic tune.”

Andru Ballota (VIC)

Scot Project – W5 (Waiting For) (Outburst Records)
“There is so many good tracks to choose from this year, but as soon as i heard this I had no choice but to choose it as my favourite track of the year. His signature sound is what got me into dance music which was in the very early 2000’s. I really miss this hard trance sound, as soon as i heard it, there was no turning back.”

Darren D (WA)

“There’s been so many awesome tunes . . . it would have to be Mark Sixma – Requiem (Mark Sixma presents M6 Extended Remix) (Armada Music) or Gareth Emery – Sansa (Garuda).”

Paul Covi (NSW)

Cosmic Gate – am2pm (Wake Your Mind Records)
“My tune of the year is Cosmic Gate – am2pm.”

Michael Reaiche (NSW)

Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Den Rize feat. Natalie Gioia – Angelic” 
(VANDIT Records)

Henry Dark (NSW)

Jason Ross feat. Lauren Ray – Me Tonight (Anjunabeats)
“Mine would have to be Jason Ross feat. Lauren Ray – Me Tonight”


“My Tune of the Year is . . . Cold Blue – Nevada.”

Jinus (VIC)

“My Tune of the Year . . . Jinus – Legacy.”
(405 Recordings)

D6 (SA) 

“This is my Tune of the Year . . . Kyau & Albert – Once In A Life (Dan Stone Remix).”

Pinkque (VIC)

The Thrillseekers pres Hydra – Amber (Skylex Remix) (FSOE)
Absolutely stunning track. One that takes me somewhere else, it’s very rare to find a track that can do that to you these days, the subtleness of the breakdown, the tension of the atmospheric elements and the build with the massive synths guide you home makes it just so pleasurable to the ears. A melody that will always be recognizable. If this doesn’t become a classic, I’ll be shocked!

Scotty G (NSW)

Gareth Emery & Ben Gold – Until We Meet Again (Ben Nicky Extended Remix) (Garuda)
“My tune of the year would have to be Ben Nicky’s remix of Until We Meet Again. huge big room 138 sound with loads of driving energy. Real uplifting trance at its best 10/10!”

Brad Thomas (WA)

Factor B – Luna Therapy (FSOE)
“My track will be Factor B – Luna Therapy.”

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Aussie Trance acts reveal their Tune of the Year 2016

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