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Gouryella will be making its stage debut in 2016

There’d be no today without a yesterday, Ferry Corsten will honour his past with Gouryella live.

Ferry Corsten is no doubt one of the most influential and versatile producers of the modern electronic music scene.

Whether it be a production under his own name or side projects such as System F, Gouryella and New World Punx (with Markus Schulz), Ferry is comfortable in pretty much any realm of the dance music world.

“Being a project so dear to my heart and one I know you guys are equally passionate about, I can honestly say, I was a little nervous about what the reaction would be after 13 years of no new music from me under the Gouryella name. However, the love and excitement you guys showed around ‘Anahera’ was truly inspiring, and really cemented my decision to write a new chapter in the story of Gouryella” Ferry Corsten on the new live concept.

Corsten started up the Gouryella project back in 1999, together with Tiësto, releasing trance hits including; ‘Gouryella’, ‘Walhalla’ and ‘Tenshi’, and later produced a fourth single ‘Ligaya’ with Dutch composer John Ewbank. Gouryella also remixed Solange’s ‘Messages’ and the classic ‘1999’ – Binary Finary.

Ferry revealed to MTV UK his upcoming plans for Gouryella.

“We’re kind of working on the touring aspect and the locations for next year. This is a project that really has always been close to my heart and I don’t want to do it in every random festival or location, it needs to be the right one. We’re talking to a bunch of parties right now so it’s all gonna come out in the next month or so definitely before the end of the year” Ferry told MTV UK.

Read the full press release here.

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