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Heatbeat give their top 5 tips on making it in the Trance scene

See Heatbeat’s five tips below.

Armada Music‘s Heatbeat sat down with Trance Project to share their advice to anyone looking to get into the field.

Known for their hard-hitting sound, monstrous basslines, and epic melodies, Heatbeat have thrilled colossal audiences time and time again since blasting onto the Trance scene over 5 years ago. Producing one big track after another, they know how to bring productions to the next level each and every time, and constantly tour under the world’s biggest brands including A State Of Trance and have performed across Europe, Russia, Asia, Canada and Australia.

Heatbeat have earned everything they have through a non-stop barrage of quality records and epic sets, and this week, the Argentinian power-Trance act will reach Perth on Friday March 9 and Sydney on Saturday March 10.

Ahead of their final two shows in Australia, Trance Project caught up with the duo and they shared five tips for DJs and producers trying to make it in the Trance scene. See Heatbeat’s five tips below and get tickets to see the duo in Sydney here, grab Perth tickets here.

1. Be patient.

2. If you sit in the studio and dont have any fresh idea or you dont feel inspirated, turn on the PlayStation 4 or any game console and play your favourite game, then go back to
the studio with a happy face.

3. Try to get your own style and don’t be copycats. We’ve seen too many Vini Vici-style tracks out there, or Heatbeat and Chris Schweizer-style basslines, and it’s not fun at all. Improve your style and try to do something better, we would love to hear that.

4. Make friends with young producers too. We have Chris Schweizer, Tomas Heredia, Marcelo Frattini, Luciano Martez which are producers too and we always try to help each other.

5. Sometimes it’s also about being in the right place and the right moment. Go to clubs and have fun, try get to backstage areas to meet other DJs and producers. But also be in it to have fun, its all about having fun too!

Get tickets to see Chris Schweizer with Heatbeat in Sydney here and grab Perth tickets here.

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Written by Miguel Ramirez

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