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Solarstone announces new ‘Pure Trance Vol. 9’ album, full tracklist revealed

Solarstone. Source: Facebook.

Solarstone’s Pure Trance album mix series has been enthralling fans time and time again, and it’s almost time to enjoy another stunning edition.

Solarstone announced his new ‘Pure Trance Vol. 9’ album during his appearance on Armin van Buuren’s A State Of Trance ADE Special.

Bursting with 27 exquisite tracks and brand new gems, Solarstone teamed with Stoneface & Terminal to drop a compilation album so infectious, it’s bound to catch the whole world in its whirlwind of entrancing sounds and impeccable melodies.

Set to be released on November 12, Pure Trance Vol. 9 is filled with fresh tracks by the likes of Lostly, Robert Nickson, Sam Laxton, Adam Nickey, Paul Ryan, Pico Boulevard, Lost Witness and of course, Solarstone and Stoneface & Terminal.

This is without a doubt the biggest compilation album of 2021!

See the full track list below and pre-order here.

Pure Trance Vol. 9 Tracklist:

Disc 1 – Mixed by Solarstone

1. Adam Nickey – Reflections
2. ZOYA – Nostalgia (Solarstone Retouch)
3. Foxhill – Waiting on the Beach (DJ Mix)
4. Hoopoe – Matahari (Balearic Mix, Solarstone Retouch)
5. Hel:sløwed – Bashed
6. EverLight – The Long Road Home (Sinful Biz Remix – Solarstone Edit)
7. Lostly – Violet (Solarstone Edit)
8. Aerium – Something More (Solarstone Retouch)
9. Solarstone – S3000 (island version)
10. Lustral – Everytime (Danny Stubbs Remix – Solarstone Edit)
11. Akkima – Moments (Solarstone Retouch)
12. Paul Ryan – Stars
13. Sunscreem – Love U More (Solarstone Pure Mix)
14. Robert Nickson – Delyo’s Voyage (Solarstone Edit)

Disc 2 – Mixed by Stoneface & Terminal

1. Cosmic Baby – Loops of Infinity (Gundamea Rework – Intro Version)
2. Basil O’Glue & Nomas – San Giljan
3. Pico Boulevard – Another Time
4. Stoneface & Terminal & SinSonic – Spaceglide
5. Martin LeBlanc – Lagom (Activa Rework)
6. Paul Denton – Ricochet (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
7. M.I.K.E. Push vs Trinitro – Endless Balance (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)
8. Corin Bayley present R3B0RN3 – My Kaleidoscope
9. Stoneface & Terminal with Robert Nickson – From the Sun
10. Solarstone with Stoneface & Terminal – Mist on the Hill (Stoneface & Terminal Mix)
11. Lost Witness – Lateott
12. Sam Laxton – Life in Trance
13. Stoneface & Terminal – Frontlines (Book Series Version)

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